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Crucial Skate Comapny was founded with being first and foremost a "Support Your Local Skate Shop" Company
Since being a skate shop owner since 2002 I know the struggle of keeping the shop stocked with the newest product, having to order more than your budget because of minimum, and trying to help the community on a tight budget. So I created several programs so your able to keep "Livin The Hustle" that is being a shop owner.

Crucial Skate Company Programs: 

If you have Crucial products on the shelf for longer than 180 days we will swap you out with the latest and freshest Crucial gear all you do is ship us the old we then ship the new

No Minimum:
We do not set $500, $750,$1500 dollar minimum's we understand that you may need to buy more from other companies to keep up with the communities demand in your town.

No Competing Policy: 
You will never hear a customer tell you "Crucial has it on sale online for this" Local skate shops are not our competition they are our foundation.

No Cost Discounts For Your Customers: 
What this means is if a customer comes in with USEABLE Deck, Wheels or Trucks you give them 10% of any Crucial products they purchase we in turn credit your account that amount (example 39.00 deck you would get $3.90 credited to your account) all we ask is that you give the trade-ins to someone that can not afford gear.

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