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Crucial Skate Company is a grassroots company that was founded in 2015, but not before years of skating and owning a skate shop of my own. We set out with very simple goals first and foremost is to make a solid deck without breaking the budget and we have succeeded

All of our decks are 7-ply Canadian maple and we use cold pressing when making our decks what this means is that all seven or so layers of a skateboard are glued together individually and pressed at room temperature there is no extra heat used to cure the glue it takes a little longer but we feel it is well worth the wait. Cold pressing also reduces warping.

We are a 100% Support Your Local Skate Shop Company you will never find us in mall chain stores only place to purchase Crucial Skate Company products are at the local skate shop or here online to us "Support Your Local Skate Shop " is more than just a slogan it is the only way we do business.