Behind The Bear

11 December 2018
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Crucial Skate Company was .founded shortly after what I consider one of my greatest accomplishments, and coincidentally the lowest point in my life. After starting my road to recovery from a three-year addiction to opiates (painkillers) all that was left was a path of devastation, burnt bridges and the struggle of not wanting to see the next sunrise.

After about a year into my recovery the day came that my wife of 22 years had finally let me know that she could not look past the wreck of a life I had put us in struggling to buy groceries, pay rent, or to just get by to put it bluntly her words were “Go play in traffic or swallow your pills” so I swallowed my pills 145 Valium to be exact. I don’t remember much after that but according to the police report, I wasn’t going to the hospital easily. Several hours later I woke up in the ICU with tubes sticking out of my arms, a breathing mask and straps to keep me put apparently, I wasn’t going to stay there, boy was I wrong. After a week on the special floor my release day

finally came thinking if I could just talk to her I could fix it so with hope in my pocket I was optimistic until I was called to the front where 2 police officers were waiting for me to serve me with a restraining order from my wife so after a year into recovery I found myself alone for the first time in 22 years. I was homeless, broke, and wondering what the purpose of my life was. While getting my street clothes on I was missing the shirt I had on when they brought me to the hospital and since it was now my only shirt I asked a nurse where it was she said she would check a few minutes later she brought me a new shirt with a look of disappointment in her face I had seen several times before but not like this she then informed me that my shirt was tossed out because they had to cut it off because I died on the way and they needed to revive me.


Lost, confused , and couch surfing for a couple weeks I found myself watching a video on YouTube called “ A Beautiful Mind” -Rodney Mullen in the video he talks about falling and getting up again it was then that I realized “Well I have fallen time to get up” not knowing what my first move would be and I remembered what a wise man told me one day “We all have brilliance just not in the same way do what you love to do” so decided to cut myself off from the world and moved to a friend’s place in North Carolina distancing myself from everything that was comfortable to me and went to work taking my art that I had not done in years along with my love of skateboarding and on and on January 1,2016 Crucial Skate Company was launched Now I would like to tell you that everything is perfect but it's not that thing only happens in the movies but I am proud to say I just started my 5th year of being clean, I'm still married to the girl of my dreams, and doing what I love with a touch of the struggles but all in all I don't think it's turning out so bad if I do say so myself, in the long run, Skateboarding truly saved my life.
So to finish my story I want to thank you in advance for your support and always keep a #crucialskateofmind


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